WeHo Meets General Pants Co

WeHo Meets General Pants Co

WeHo Meets General Pants Co


Visit West Hollywood partnered with  General Pants Co. on a  ‘Win a Trip to WeHo’ integrated brand partnership. Together we engaged three influencers to create content, to promote the competition and amplify the reach of the campaign.

General Pants is one of the largest and most respected youth retailers in Australia with 52 stores and online retailing.

In the retailer’s own words, ‘General Pants Co. is an effervescent place where the young, rebellious and restless dress’.  An edgy brand willing to push boundaries, General Pants was the ideal partner for West Hollywood.


  • Position WeHo as the ultimate ‘LA Cool’ experience
  • Showcase the wide range of West Hollywood leisure, dining, hotel and sight-seeing experiences
  • Collect data to build subscriber database
  • Create interesting and emotive content (both video and written)
  • Leverage the power and persuasion of three influencers to encourage competition entry and boost reach of content
  • Leverage General Pants’ channels to boost reach of content to vibrant, fun audience
  • Generate click-throughs on Visit West Hollywood website
  • Encourage holiday bookings to West Hollywood via Hello World’s special deal


  • General Pants Microsite
  • Influencer/ General Pants blog series
  • GP/ WeHo Spotify playlist
  • GP Twitter and SnapChat promotion
  • Influencer Twitter and Snap Chat posts
  • Influencer Facebook posts and GP Facebook ads
  • GP and Influencer Instagram posts and Instagram stories
  • Video content
  • GP WeHo window promotion and in-store POS
  • GP in-store video
  • GP EDMs
  • Trade partner for call to action


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