California Culinary Campaign

California Culinary Campaign

California Culinary Campaign


With intent to travel to the US at an all-time high and repeat visitation to the US rising above 70%, developing California’s culinary reputation presented an opportunity to grow market share. The campaign solution we presented was the most integrated campaign Visit California had ever implemented.


Leverage consumer interest in culinary and position California as a top culinary destination.
Showcasing California’s diversity of culinary experiences.


Leverage the popularity of Australia’s number one reality cooking program, MasterChef by using a week-long broadcast integration to spearhead a multi layered campaign designed to promote California as a world class culinary destination. Include a trade coop as part of the campaign activity in order to provide measurable ROI.


  • Broadcast Integration
  • Magazine Partnership and Promotion
  • Group Media and Influencer Fam
  • Trade Coop
  • Owned Channel Support


  • Week-Long ‘California Week’ Broadcast integration – 240 minutes of air time: Reach over 8 million, EAV of $8million
  • 4 Week Woman’s Day magazine partnership – Reach 3,196,375,  EAV $146,052
  • Group Media Fam designed and led by Chef Curtis Stone – Reach 22,850,000, EAV $145,000
  • Social Media Reach 4,592,000

California Week Sizzle Reel

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